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Moisture Wicking Workwear - What is it?

Moisture wicking fabric, or more specifically workwear, is probably a term you have heard multiple times, but what does it actually mean? Here we'll be exploring what moisture wicking fabric is and the benefits of wearing garments which have this specific quality. What is Moisture Wicking Fabric? Moisture wicking fabrics are a relatively recent invention […]

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Sustainability, What Does It Mean for Your Business?

Sustainability, and eco-friendly get thrown around a lot in every aspect of life. Regardless of if it's in your business or from your personal life, the words sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly can cause a lot of confusion and make you stop and wonder, "What does sustainability really mean for my business?" What Is Sustainability? Asking […]

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What Is Hi-Vis Clothing?

High Visibility clothing has been around for years, but has anyone really stopped to ask; "What is Hi-Vis clothing?" Who knew that what started out as an experiment by an American named Bob Switzer, would still benefit people all across the world years later? Hi-vis clothing now even has numerous laws stating that it must […]

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Winter Workwear Accessories - A Guide To

Winter! 'Tis the season roasting chestnuts on an open fire, scraping icy windows in the morning, and finding the best winter workwear accessories to keep the cold weather at bay. Thinking about it; wind bashing you from side to side; and toes bitten off by frost bite; why would you not want these workwear essentials […]

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Company Uniforms - Where To Start?

Whether you're just starting out a brand new company or have had a large team for a while, it can be a bit daunting to create a company uniform - especially if you don't know where to start. I think one of the most important things to realise and remember is that your company uniform […]

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Winter Workwear - An Essential Guide To

As the weather cools and the nights get darker the question on everyone’s mind turns to two specific things. One; 'What is the best winter workwear?', and two; 'When do the Christmas Adverts start?' From HiVis jackets to soft fleeces and thermal layers, here you will find an extensive list of the best cold weather […]

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Are Business Cards Dead now with Online Zoom Meetings?

This is in fact a question we get asked quite regularly, "Are business cards dead?" I have always said no, they are still very much alive and an important part of any networking. However I decided to dig a little further and do some online research and what I found was very interesting, but did […]

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Why Is A Vector Logo So Important & How Do I Know If My Logo Is A Vector?

This unfortunately is something we see nearly on a daily basis where we are given logos but they aren't vector based and in the world outside of digital this can cause all sorts of problems. In this post I am going to explain why it's so important you try and get an original vector logo […]

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Why Is Branded Workwear So Important For Your Company

Branded uniforms, no matter if you work in an office, a warehouse or you're out on the road are more important that you may have realised. In a world where competition is becoming ever increasingly fearce, it's now more important than ever to ensure you and your team not only look the part but stand […]

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