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Winter Workwear - An Essential Guide To

written by
Chris Butler
posted on
16 October 2021

As the weather cools and the nights get darker the question on everyone’s mind turns to two specific things. One; 'What is the best winter workwear?', and two; 'When do the Christmas Adverts start?'

From HiVis jackets to soft fleeces and thermal layers, here you will find an extensive list of the best cold weather workwear to keep you protected from the British elements, meaning you and your team are always putting your best foot forward in keeping yourself toasty in these colder months!

What are the best clothes to keep warm?

So, “What are the best clothes to keep warm?” I hear you ask, and your answer is layers, layers, layers! 

Being cold makes for unhappy workers. The simplest way to keep you and those in your team happy could start with an insulated thermal layer… oh and a cup of tea of course. Layering provides different options for you to wear, swap, and change throughout the day. So branding these items are key to keep a consistent brand identity, whilst maintaining warmth and protecting your workers.

three business workers in winter coats

Thermal Layers

Thermal layers are a great starting point for any shopper looking to winter-proof their wardrobe. Thermals are specifically designed to protect your legs, arms and core, and sit snuggly to the body. These are key for any type of winter workwear as most thermals have a layer of wicking which absorbs sweat and moisture as you move keeping you comfortable!

Thermals, also known as bases, are ideal for working outside, especially when layered under a thick jacket. Or, if you feel the cold like I do, wearing one in the office underneath a thick sweatshirt can increase warmth significantly!

T-Shirts and Polo Shirts

T-Shirts and Polo Shirts are one of the most versatile products when it comes to layering for cold weather. With different sleeve lengths and styles you'll be sure to find one that fits you right! Both t-shirts and polos are an ideal base for branding workwear, as they are most commonly worn as a base layer of an outfit. This means that no matter what your team wear, you will always have your brand represented throughout the entire outfit with the ability to transition through seasons.

Polo Shirts are the optimal choice for business-casual layering in winter. With varying fabric thicknesses; cuffed sleeves and a stand-up collar; polos can easily be worn in any situation. So regardless of where you're working, or how hot or cold the environment is, you will always look your best.

T-Shirts are generally made from a slightly thinner material than a polo shirt, and are available in short or long sleeves.

Longer sleeves are ideal to wear in colder months as they allow you to keep the warmth to your body without adding too much of a bulky layer to your winter workwear.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Zip-up or pullover, whatever your preference, a hoodie or sweatshirt might be for you. Often with a brushed cotton or fleece lining, these soft and cosy items are ideal for layering over the top of your t-shirts or thermals and are the perfect cold weather workwear companion.

Hoodies and sweatshirts are often seen as something you wear to feel cosy and casual, but when branded can provide a professional finish whilst maintaining warmth. Hoodies are often seen as a perfect example of an all in one source of warmth. Almost all hoodies have a large ‘kangaroo pouch’ pocket which allows you to store items inside, whilst offering the benefit of keeping your hands warm too. Some hoodies also have a zipper so you can opt to wear it open.

Sweatshirts are similar to hoodies, but can be seen as more of a smart-casual layering piece. Sweatshirts do not offer the option of a hood or pocket, but are ideal for someone who doesn't require as much warmth when layering.


Fleece garments sit somewhere between a layering garment and an outerwear piece. Fleeces are available in all sorts of styles such as a 3/4 quarter or full zip, hoodie or even sleeveless making them an all-round winner. They're light-weight and fast drying meaning that it’s perfect to keep you warm if you get caught in winter showers.

Fleece is also available as a lining in some other garments such as coats and gilets, providing an extra element of warmth without too much added bulk making it one of the best clothes to keep warm.


When approaching temperamental weather, the most essential part of your winter workwear is the outer layer.

A gilet, sometimes known as a body warmer, is ideal for maintaining a comfortable body temperature, and works to provide an additional layer of warmth without compromising movement. This means that gilets are ideal for all workers regardless of their job, and are the perfect companion any time of the year regardless of the season.

They come in multiple fabrics and styles with options such as padded, insulated and soft-shell, meaning that it's versatile and ideal for your cold weather workwear!

For those who work in the dark hours of the day, the HiVis gilet might be the best option for you. Keeping your body padded and insulated whilst protecting you in the dark is the number one priority especially during winter.

Gilets have a wide range of styles available for purchasing, click here for more information on the best for you.

Workers in Hi Vis Winter workwear shovelling snow

Jackets and Coats

Quilted, waxed, hooded or padded, whatever your choice for your cold weather workwear a selection of light-weight jackets or thick coats might be the way to go. Offering more protection to the elements than a gilet or hoodie, your jacket is the final puzzle piece and one of the best items of clothing to keep you warm at work.

Quilted and padded jackets are one of the warmest options when viewing workwear for cold weather. Both of these styles offer a layer of extra padding inside of your coat allowing it to insulate your body. Seen not only as a fashion statement, quilted and padded jackets can come in varying weights and styles, allowing you to keep warm through the seasons and feel like you can scale the Himalayan Mountains if needed!

Waxed coats offer a slightly less bulky finish, but still offer the advantage of being wind-proof and waterproof like their padded alternatives offering a smarter and cleaner finish. Waxed jackets are ideal for someone who wants to keep warm and professional in their cold weather workwear.

Winter Workwear Essentials

Workwear for cold weather isn't limited to layering, but also includes the extra essentials and accessories that go with it.

So - whether you're repping your brands colours in your scarf; or pulling on a thick pair of insulated gloves to work in; these extra essentials will be sure to keep you warm enough to survive an arctic blast... or at least a cold British winter. Choosing items such as beanies, snoods, and umbrellas can help protect yourself from the elements and ensure that Jack Frost can't nip at your nose.

We have a full range of winter workwear accessories on our website.

If you're still unsure of what workwear we provide or what you should purchase, please contact our highly experienced team for assistance or head over to our online store.

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