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Why Is Branded Workwear So Important For Your Company

written by
Chris Butler
posted on
20 July 2021
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Branded uniforms, no matter if you work in an office, a warehouse or you're out on the road are more important that you may have realised.

In a world where competition is becoming ever increasingly fearce, it's now more important than ever to ensure you and your team not only look the part but stand out.

There are lots of reasons why branded workwear is so important, but in this post we will cover what we believe are the most important.

It's marketing your business even outside of work hours.

Something you may not have noticed, but you or your staff can be walking billboards. If you're a trades person for example then it's pretty obvious you will be out and about and most probably stop off at trade counters to pick up items. But what about office workers? Well they too are walking billboards. Lots of people after work may stop off for a drink at the local pub, maybe go for a meal, or even as simple as stopping off at the shop to pick up some food. Well this is advertising, especially if you include contact information on the back of your garments. I personally have been stopped quite a few times in the local shops by people asking if we do branded workwear.

It makes choosing your clothing in the morning simple.

We have all done it, spent longer than we should have done in the morning choosing what to wear for work. With a branded uniform this eliminates the extra time taken in the morning picking your clothes. It can also help to save those awkward conversations managers might have to have with staff around what constitutes as 'Smart Clothing'. Uniforms help remove any confusion and helps businesses get rid of any issues surrounding clothing once and for all.

It makes staff feel part of the team.

This is most likely another reason why branded workwear is so important that you may have not realised. Most people don't understand how a uniform could possibly bring a team together but the truth is it really does. Most staff or volunteers want to feel like they're part of the something and part of a team. With everyone wearing a uniform with your branding on it helps solidify the team and gives each and every member confidence they are a part of your company.

They help your business look the part

Branded uniforms play an important role in creating a professional and smart look for your team and send the same message to your customers. With all staff members wearing a uniform it is clear for customers who are staff members and who are customers. It sends the message that this company care about their brand and that all staff look presentable and uniformed to the public.

And there you have it, 4 reasons why having branded workwear is so important and an expenditure which really should be carefully considered for so many more reasons.

In our next blog post we're going to break the model about branded workwear being boring.

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