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Are Business Cards Dead now with Online Zoom Meetings?

written by
Chris Butler
posted on
27 July 2021
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This is in fact a question we get asked quite regularly, "Are business cards dead?" I have always said no, they are still very much alive and an important part of any networking. However I decided to dig a little further and do some online research and what I found was very interesting, but did it change my view?

So if you search "Are business cards dead" online you will be presented with 100's of articles all saying pretty much the same thing. Yes, they're dead.

We all know that since COVID hit the world really hard, most companies had to move to a home based working solution. Face to face meetings became less frequent and in some cases were abolished completely. Now in mid 2021 things are just starting to return to some kind of normality, however lots of experts are predicting companies will continue to adopt the home working environment and this could now be the new norm.

Nowadays people tend to use online video conferencing tools such as Zoom, FaceTime rather than meeting face to face. And whilst it's true that there are a lot of benefits to consider when doing online video calls including a time saver, I started to ask myself one question? Does it affect the relationship building? But now I am digressing and think this is best covered in a different post. So back to the business cards.

After reading many articles, all telling me the same thing that business cards are in fact dead, has it changed my perspective. At the start of this post I you will remember I said no, I don't think a business card is dead. And I still believe it is alive. Is it as important as it was maybe 10 years ago, probably not.

So why do I believe a business card is still important?

Well quite simply, whether we realise it or not, if you're a business owner then for sure I think it's safe to say we never switch off. We're always looking for that next opportunity, and it doesn't always present itself whilst we're at our computer. Maybe we went to the local shop, the pub for a pint or maybe even just a walk in the park. Let's say we get chatting to someone and we agree there is some synergy and a way for us to possible work together. What comes next? Have you got a card?

I hear you thinking, well this doesn't happen very often. And you may be right, it may very well be a rare occurrence. However, what if this is the golden moment you have been waiting for. For the same of £20-£30 invested in some business cards and keeping a few in your wallet or purse, is it really worth taking the risk? For me it's a no brainer, I mean where else can you get that kind of return on investment.

For me and my team, we all still use business cards and in the last 3 years we may gotten 5-10 jobs from passing a card. And yes, you're right in that I could tell the person my contact details. But what if they right it down wrong, or say they will remember me but later forget? Well again, it just isn't worth the risk of a few quid invested in some cards.

For me and the team here at Thread A Pixel, we still believe the business card is a useful tool to have. is it as important as it once was, no. But, I labour the point, for 500 business card we charge around £37. For that kind of money, why would you risk not having a business card, even if you don't buy them for everyone in the team and use a generic card with your company address, website, email and phone number, it is better than not having one.

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