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Winter Workwear Accessories - A Guide To

written by
Chris Butler
posted on
18 November 2021

Winter! 'Tis the season roasting chestnuts on an open fire, scraping icy windows in the morning, and finding the best winter workwear accessories to keep the cold weather at bay. Thinking about it; wind bashing you from side to side; and toes bitten off by frost bite; why would you not want these workwear essentials to keep you warm and away from the elements?

For me, there is nothing better than scaling the shops for a new hat and scarf when winter rolls around. Long gone are the bobbled gloves from last year, and in come the 'touch-screen 3000, ultra sleek hand warmers.' But, since working at Thread A Pixel, the value of a personalised item stands out a lot more.

What more could you do to show that you care as a company than providing workwear essentials to keep your team members warm? Especially if the environment that you're working in is naturally cold!

The best thing about stocking up on new winter workwear accessories is that it doesn't just stop at just the necessities to keep you warm, but for all of you winter connoisseurs, these essentials also allow for added flair when it comes to buying a fancy new hat or pair of gloves so you can truly stand out in style.

Person wearing winter accessories, hat and scarf in nature

Common Accessories

Chances are that as soon as someone mentions 'Winter is Coming', after the initial eye roll of hearing it year on year, you've realised you're pretty much all stocked up on the essentials when it comes to big chunky jackets and soft fleeces. But the question remains, what are the workwear essentials for cold weather?

Fortunately, at Thread A Pixel HQ, we've managed to compile a list of our absolute winter must haves to save you from scouring the internet to find what is actually essential for you and your team to wear.

No need to thank us, it's just our job!

Winter Hats and Caps

Whether you're a beanie, flat cap, or ear muff kinda person, the one thing we all have in common is that we want to protect our heads from the cold. During winter the most popular choices tend to fall around beanies, caps, and those wonderful sherpa hats that make you look like you've just come from a trek to the Antarctic.

Headwear has become an increasing necessity in workwear all year round, from safety helmets to ear defenders. But during winter being visible is of upmost importance, especially if the job you're doing requires you to be outside in the dark mornings and evenings. Searching for items such as LED headlight beanies, or brightly coloured caps could be the difference between you and your team working safely, and coming to risk of dangerous working environments.

Headwear is often a forgotten piece of workwear to brand, but provides a perfect surface to embroider or print your logo so that when you walk into any situation you'll be doing it headfirst with branding! So, whether you're covering up a bad hair day or keeping your ears warm, purchasing a type of hat or head warmer might be the best option for you and your team when sourcing workwear accessories.


Despite the name snood sounding like it has come from the latest Dr Seuss novel, a snood is actually an accessory that was originally invented during the Victorian era... Fast forward over a hundred years later and snoods are now popular workwear essential when it comes to protecting you from the cold!

Snoods offer unbeatable warmth as they are an all around insulator of your neck, and are easy to slip over your head. Most snoods offer the ability to lift the fabric higher and use as a hood as well as a neck warmer, making it one of the best workwear accessories!


Whether you're wanting to advertise your business colours, or you're thinking of wrapping the equivalent of a blanket around your neck to keep you warm, scarves are a great option to go with. By definition, a scarf is essentially a length of material that you wear around your head or neck, but comes in several varieties such as infinity and shawl.

Compared to a snood, a scarf is your best bet when it comes to branding neckwear. A scarf offers a larger surface area to embroider on due to the nature of how it is made, whereas a snood or infinity scarf is designed to be sewn at the ends. This means that there is not an available area to apply your logo on easily. A scarf is one of the best winter workwear accessories you can find and you'll find that you probably naturally gravitate towards wearing one as soon as the weather cools!

What Is Vital for Workwear?

With so many cold-weather accessories on the market, it's hard to determine what is actually vital to keep in your wardrobe. Ultimately it's only you that can decide. But some advice from someone who is freezing cold all the time, (myself) I recommend assessing how you can layer with your accessories.

Whether that be layering a thinner glove underneath a mitten, or searching for a thicker scarf that you can wrap around several times, assess what you believe would work best for you. An easy way of doing this would be to view the different styles that you are able to find within one category, such as the three listed below for gloves.

Workwear Gloves

Gloves are one of the most worn workwear accessories without a doubt, but they are first and foremost amazing workwear essentials. From padded and cable knit, to Thinsulate and touch screen there's a glove for everyone!

Cable knit gloves are the most traditional style that you can choose. They essentially feel a bit like a warm blanket hugging your fingers, offering a heavyweight and luxurious feel. As far as winter accessories, cable knit gloves are one of the most popular designs for any gender.

If you're a bit of a technology fanatic, tech gloves are the answer to your prayers! Specifically designed for protecting the warmth in your hands, they are also compatible with any touch screen. This glorious invention means that long gone are the days of shear panic when the phone rings...

"What's this?" I hear you ask, "I don't have to rip my gloves off with my teeth just to answer the phone?" Correct! Those days are long gone my friend!

Finally, we talk lets talk about Thinsulate. Thinsulate is well deserving of a mention, and is in my opinion the new superhero of the glove world. Gloves made with thinsulate are specifically designed to retain warmth when in contact with rain, ice and snow. This is incredible for jobs that require grip or work in cold weather, as thinsulate can prevent cold or wet fingertips and assist in preventing workplace accidents.

Regardless of what you choose, a good pair of gloves is definitely on the list of winter workwear accessories.

Man with winter gloves, winter accessories

Final Note

So, whether you're gearing up with all of your workwear essentials like a very fashionable bundle of blankets, or you're just slipping a pair of gloves on to stay warm when working, hopefully you're feeling a bit more prepared for this wild winter ahead of us!

The best part about accessorising for winter is that you're not limited to what you can personalise. So whether you choose to brand a beanie or a flask you'll be sure to stand out and showcase your business in style.

If you're stuck wondering what to wear, or what to choose to pair with your workwear accessories, check out our guide for Winter Workwear.

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